Churches and monasteries in Akrotiri


Holy Monastery of Agia Triada – Tsagarolon (16th century): It is the largest monastery in Crete, admirable because of architectural beauty, located in the Cape. Several damaged due to constant looting and fire attacks.

Moni Gouvernetou Gouverneto monastery (15th): Located in the north of the cape and is rich in outer beauty, as opposed to the very poor within. This is because it suffered from the pirates leading the monks to leave and take with them the sacred books and utensils. They found books of the monastery on Agion Oros and Patmos.Katholiko Monastery

The monastery of Katholiko: Built 6th-10th century and is the oldest monastery in Crete.

Also, Akrotiri houses and monasteries: Monastery of St. John the Merciful (17th century), Women’s Monastery of St. John in Korakies (17th century), Glebe St. Anthony and cavernous temple Arkoudiotisas next to Gouverneto Monastery, cavernous church of St. George Apidioti (14th century) the settlement Pazinos in the gorge of Mavres and the monastery of St. Elias (tombs of Venizelos).

It is no coincidence that Akrotiri is known as the Mount Athos of Crete.