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Villa Rosa | Holiday Apartments in Stavros, Akrotiri in Chania

Welcome to Villa Rosa apartments in Stavros of Akrotiri in Chania – Crete, truly the most peaceful destination in the world “a slice of paradise”.

Villa Rosa apartments is a family run business set in one of the most ideal locations of Chania – Crete in Stavros of Akrotiri a seaside resort, an area which combines natural beauty and an imposing view of the mountains along with the calm sea waters of Stavros Beach.

We created Villa Rosa apartments wanting to offer to our guests the Cretan hospitality in a traditional setting that offers a sense of intimacy, rest and relaxation.
Villa Rosa apartments is located 15 kilometers from the city of Chania and 7 kilometers from the airport and 10 kilometers from the port of Souda, Chania – Crete island.

In an area of outstanding natural beauty the Villa Rosa apartments offer comfortable accommodation, family atmosphere and friendly services to those seeking a quiet vacation.

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